Leadership Coaching

People in leadership positions need to be able to build rapport with their team in order to strive ahead. The effective management of a team, efficiency of the work and results generated largely depend on the relationship between team members.

This program is designed to examine beliefs which help people build strong relationships with themselves and with others. It equips participants with new skills to face challenges in their upcoming roles as leaders. They will learn simple techniques to influence others positively. This will result in improved performance and productivity of the team as a whole.

The Program Covers the following topics :

  • How to lead using Power of Influence
  • The Critical Path To Influence In Every Situation
  • Discover how you create your Reality
  • Build Strong Relationships, with yourself and others
  • Understanding our Unconscious Programming
  • Install Beliefs of Excellence that support your outcomes
  • Enhance Communication to lead better
  • How to easily connect with anybody
  • How To Talk To People In A Certain Way That Helps Get Change
  • Impactful language patterns to get what you want from situations
  • Learn Powerful Conversational Moves
  • Motivate and build high performance teams
  • Performance Enhancement through state management
  • Increase Efficiency by managing time and feeling states

Post Program Support :

Post the Leadership Coaching Program 3 months of coaching support will be provided to the participants. It is found to be beneficial to continue with coaching on a regular basis to enable participants to absorb the knowledge completely and imbibe it in their day-to-day lives, personal as well as professional. The coaching can be conducted one-on-one or in a group as per the requirement.