Conversational Persuasion & Influence

What makes some people far more convincing and persuasive than others? What enables top influencers to effortlessly impact the lives of many and have great relationships?

The Conversational Persuasion and Influence is a 2-day-program that will give you the critical path of influence in any situation. The critical path is the easiest way to get through to a person and gain compliance. It will also give you the language patterns you can use to directly talk to the listener's neurology.

Combining the critical path with the language patterns in your communication can make you very complelling in the listener's world.

Key Takeaways

  • Make your communication irresistible so you can get through to people easily.
  • Learn how impactful language patterns can steer conversations towards desired outcomes.
  • Discover simple mind hacks to be more influential while communicating with yourself and others.

Persuasion & Influencing Skills are useful to get through to others in a relationship - for people who are in sales and marketing to sell easily, for therapists/coaches to influence their clients positively, for people who are looking to transform their life and bring about meaningful change. It is also useful for executives who are in positions where they need to be able to influence team members to follow them in a certain direction.

As long as you are communicating you can leverage on your language patterns and feeling states to get what you want from situations.

Program Content

  • Learn Simple Mind hacks to be more Influential
  • Leverage on time tested ways to get through to others faster
  • Learn Language patterns that talk directly to a person’s unconscious mind
  • Improve your self-talk to remain in resourceful states
  • Impactful language patterns
  • How to create mild trance conversationally
  • Use of storytelling in persuasion
  • Induction of powerful learning states
  • Non-verbal influencing skills
  • Creativity out of confusion
  • How to lead people into resourceful states

Participant Feedback

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